"MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but clearly deserves an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of a (perfect) 5.00… ergo, Thread gets my first 2018 “PICK” for “best otherworldly album.”


ALBUM: Not So Standard

"Is the type of record that keeps jazz moving forward, Brian Kastan is the rare musician with a singular voice, that truly deserves wider recognition." 


"The absolute genius on the new album, and my personal favorite of the nine great songs offered up for your jaded aural pleasure, was an easy pick – “Juju” will cast a spell that lasts for all time… it will come on “automatically” on your car player, every time you start the vehicle, & will be your escort into infinity!"

(Dick Metcalf)

ALBUM: Roll the Dice on Life

"From the moment I put this one on for the first time I heard something I immediately knew was different, unheard of and very accomplished." (

 "Best Albums of 2016!"                                 

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