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Upcoming shows

May 19th
Old Tappan Brewery, Bayville Long 
Island 7pm...

June 22nd
Improv Group with, Brian Kastan-guitar Jame Paul Nadine-Drums @ The Open Space...

July 22nd,
Brian Kastan-bass, On Ka Davis-guitar, Paul Nadien-drums @ The Open Space...

July 27th...
Rhee Kastan.. Port Imperial Sunset Music Series- 8pm....

Aug 12th
Brian Kast
an 3 Quartet 
 (Brian playing guitar and bass)
Hudson Valley Jazz Festival at The Open Space 3pm with James Paul Nadien-drums, 

Aug 23rd The Main Drag, Brooklyn 7pm. Nick Gianni-Sax, Marc Edwards-Drums.

Sept 9th-TheUpfront Gallery-Dave Mullen-sax, Peter O'Brien-Drums, Brian Kastan guitar/bass.

October 13th 3pm
Brian Kastan-Free Blues Band. Meadow Blues Coffee. Chester NY.
Brian Kastan-Guitar, Jay Brunka-Bass, Dave Berger-Drums


Past Shows

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