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Brian Kastan is a guitarist, electric/fretless bass player, composer, author, and Digital Landscape photographer, born and raised in Glen Cove , NY.


Brian has recorded 51 albums as a band leader or band member. (Playing electric/fretless bass on 21 of the albums) 

Brian has recorded albums with 4 different Grammy winning artist: (Playing guitar/bass and/or as a recording engineer)

Mino Cinelu-PercussionistGrammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album with Pat Metheny....Also nominated for Best Jazz Fusion Performance, Vocal/ Or Instrumental...Sportin' Life (Album) with Weather Report...


Miles Griffith-Vocalist, Won grammy with Wynton Marsalis Blood on the Fields.

Leo Genovesse-Keys:  With saxophonist Wayne Shorter and pianist Leo Genovese won Best Improvised Jazz Solo for “Endangered Species,” a track from Shorter’s “Live at the Detroit Jazz Festival.” 2023.

Rachel Z Hakim-Keyboard: 2 Time Grammy winning jazz keyboardist who has won Grammys with Grammy Award-winning and certified Gold Record "Tokyo Blue" with saxophonist Najee, & Wayne Shorter, on his album High Life, which won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album in 1997.

Also, recorded or performed with:


Suke Cerulo,  Andy Sanesi, Peter O'Brien, Eric Person, Bob Meyer, Erik Egol, Steve Rust, Christopher Dean Sullivan, Yutaka Uchida, Goerge Dulin, Danny Zanker, Jay Brunka, Dave Mullen, Tani Tabbal, Harvey Sorgen, Greg Lewis, Taru Alexander, Nick Gianni, Dave Berger, George Spanos, Eric Egol, Steve Lyman, Travis Sullivan, Eishon Nose, Mike Pride, Chris Welcome, Ryan Berg, Eddy Khaimovich,  Albey OnBass, Amit Shimir, Micheal Bisio, Lamy Istrefi, Juini Booth, Kurk Knuffke, Scott Petito, and many more.



Brian Kastan's T.V and Film Credits:


Composed soundtracks for TV and Film (Robert Loggia-Nominated for Academy Award The God Father-Sopranos)

Jimmie Walker (Goodtimes, nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 1975 and 1976 for his role for Good Times, CBS)


Martin Kove, (Karate Kid/Rambo), Gilbert Gottfried,  

Michael Winslow (Police Academy) Todd Bridges (Different Strokes) Jewels McCullough (Playboy Playmate/Growing Pains, Composed Soundtrack for Blue Lives Matter movie with acclaimed movie director Dylan Bank)  Plus, composed soundtrack for T.V. show Hospital Arrest.

Played  guitar for Nonsuch Record Label, Rhys Cantham's "The Grissom Grail",

Recorded Live at Lincoln Center in 2010. 

Played MTV Rock the Vote at Rutgers University


Composer Representing Unites States...Shown Via Satellite on 6 Continents (Budapest  Blues)  2009. 


Brian is also an Award Winning Nature Photographer with shows in NYC, Europe and Asia.  Brian's photography colaboration work with painter ALBERT O'HAYON has been in auctions with artist:

Rhembrant, Milton Avery, Willem De Kooning,Francoise Gilot (Pablo Picasso) Ernest Fiene,Robert Thorne, Manuel Ayso,Rudolph Ernst,Bahram Hajou,Lev Kropivnitsky, Francoise Gilot(Pablo Picasso),Maria Kastan,John Marim,Manuel Ayso,Rudolph Ernst,Albert O'Hayon,George Beecham and many more




























         Collaboration work with wife Maria Kastan:

    Brian and Maria Kastan have also released the book called:

                              "Target Talking"

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