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            Music Composed for Movies and T.V.


Brian Kastan has composed soundtracks for TV and Film (Featuring Robert Loggia-Nominated for Academy Award The God Father-Sopranos, Martin Kove, (Karate Kid/Rambo), Gilbert Gottfried,  Jimmie Walker (Goodtimes), Michael Winslow (Police Academy) Todd Bridges (Different Strokes) Jewels McCullough (Playboy Playmate/Growing Pains, Composed Soundtrack for American Criminal (Blue Lives Matter) movie with acclaimed movie director Dylan Bank)  and Composed soundtrack for T.V. show Hospital Arrest.


Played  guitar for Nonsuch Record Label, Rhys Cantham's "The Grissom Grail", Recorded Live at Lincoln Center in 2010.


Composer Representing Unites States/Focolare Movement/ Shown  Via  Satellite on 6 Continents (Budapest  Blues)  2009.